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A love story

Updated: Jan 24

It all started in the Netherlands in the beautiful city Amsterdam where I used to work and live.

Read more to find out where we are now.

Welcome to my first blog post where I will tell you more about our love story and who we are. My name is Kirsten, I am from the Netherlands and I worked and lived in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, which is also the place where I met my boyfriend almost 3 years ago. But there is one small detail in this love story, he is from Argentina. Patagonia to be exact.

“We met each other almost 3 years ago, and then Covid-19 separated us for a year”

After spending a great week together, he had to return to Argentina. But it wasn't long before we decided to buy tickets to Buenos Aires to meet again. But then Covid-19 changed all our plans and closed Argentina completely. I'll spare you all the tears we spilled in that moment, we were separated for a whole year. Can you imagine being in love and being forced to be separated?

So we had to come up with a plan! We found out that Brazil didn't have too many restrictions, so we decided to meet there. We saw each other after a whole year at the airport of Rio de Janeiro and spent a great vacation (and Christmas together), on the beach!

The love story continues

Next stop is the Netherlands, Guillermo visited me in the summer of '21. It was great to see my country through his touristic eyes; sailing in Friesland, eating haring in Zeeland and going to the beach in Noordwijk to go kitesurfing. This was also the perfect moment to meet family and friends.

November '21 it's my turn to finally visit Argentina, first stop is Buenos Aires (more information about this great and big city I will share later in another blog), where I had to switch airports. And then the next flight to El Calafate. I couldn't believe what I saw, for almost an hour you only see nature, mountains, greenery, water and so much space without anything! Unbelievable! We are not used to that from our small country. And that is also the reason for me to start this blog. Because I want you to get to know this beautiful environment that gives you peace, happiness and adventure.

To be continued


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