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How to get from El Calafate to El Chaltén?

In this blog I'm going to share some practical information (how to get from El Calafate to El Chaltén) and tips and tricks with you (for example where to exchange money?).

Let's start with how to get from El Calafate to El Chaltén? So you have different options, for example you can rent a car, take the bus or a taxi or you can try to get a lift (yes that is still an option in this country). If you have a generous budget I would recommend you to rent a car because everything is pretty far away. For example going from El Calafate to the world famous glacier the Perito Moreno it is around 80 kilometers. Traveling to El Chaltén is around 213 kilometers. The positive side of renting a car is the freedom to go wherever and whenever. Taking a taxi is a possibility, or you can book an excursion and in most of the cases they pick you up from the hotel. The most cheap option *currently 4000 pesos, and a good way to meet other people that are also traveling, is by taking the bus. The station is located at C. 510 87, Z9405 El Calafate, and there are 2 different companies that you can use. *The current departure times are 08:00 in the morning, 14:30 or 18:00 in the afternoon.

The next subject we are going to discuss is really interesting, we are going to talk money! Because there is a really interesting euro/dollar "blue" market in Argentina. Since the locals can't buy more then an x amount a month it is possible to sell your dollars or euro's for a better exchange rate than when you go to an official bank. In El Calafate there is a place where you can exchange quite good, called Western Union. So I advice you to take some cash with you and change it here (or in another city). But Western Union is the best option in El Calafate as far as I know. It is also possible to pay with euro's or dollars in some of the restaurants, you will see a sign with the current exchanges they use in that moment. For checking the latest currency I always use the website of Clarin.

When you ask a local here, "what clothes do I need to bring?" they start laughing, cause the weather changes the whole day around. You probably already heard about the famous Patagonia wind, so you want to have a good hat to cover up your ears. You also need a good warm jacket, comfortable pants (since you are going to walk a lot) and you need good shoes (I recommend to buy hiking shoes). You can leave your swim suit at home, because it won't get warm enough for that.

If you do forget something, no worries, there are plenty of shops here in the downtown!

When you entre El Calafate from the airport you pass the office for tourism. Any information you need you can find it there. It is located at the Bajada de palma 44, El Calafate.

* Based on information we have collected on the 6th of October 2022.

You don't like reading to much and want to get a glimp of this beautiful city? Sit down and enjoy my Youtube video;


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