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My top 3 favorite breakfast places in El Calafate.

Updated: Jan 24

What I love about traveling is exploring all the different cultures and eating habits. When you arrive in a new place you have no idea where to find the best places or where you can try out local food. So in this blog I share my top 3 breakfast places with you in El Calafate, Patagonia.

PANtagonia, El Calafate

In The Netherlands we love to start our day with a sandwich (also for lunch or snack by the way, we just love bread) or something sweet. After spending a couple of weeks traveling around Argentina I ended up in this beautiful city and found this small bakery called PANtagonia. Eating there bread reminded me of home, it was this delicious fresh bread that you have to cut yourself. I think the secret ingredient is the German owner. In addition to delicious bread they also serve the more typical Argentina sweets such as medialunas and facturas. But they also serve pretzels, cleverly done in combination with the famous Argentina dulce de leche. The Barbara is my absolute favorite!

This bakery is located in the city centre and only closed on Sunday. Definitely worth a visit, the staff is super friendly and the place is recently renovated.

Don Luis, El Calafate

Next off is Don Luis. In total there are five different bakery's spread all over town. The one located at the street named 9 de Julio is my favorite, it is not too big and the people that work there are really nice. They have different kind of sandwiches and a huge variety of sweets such a cakes, chocolates, facturas, a variety of cookies and my favorite here is the alfajores with walnuts.

They are open 7 days a week from early in the morning until late in the evening. So there is no excuse to not visit them and enjoy a good breakfast.

Olivia Coffee shop, El Calafate

Last but not least we go to a shop called Olivia coffee shop, and this place is perfect for a late breakfast or a tea and cake moment. They are located close to the main street in the city centre and the place looks really cute. They have a big variety from bagels and hamburgers to milkshakes and smoothies. So this place is absolutely worth more than only one visit!

If you want to find out more information about these places, or just dream away for a moment, please have a look at my Youtube video;


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