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My top 5 favorite lunch places in El Calafate.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Lunch, I just love it! Especially during holiday when you have more time to enjoy it. I already tried out a lot of lunch places since I'm in El Calafate, and in this blog I'm happy to share my top 5 favorite places with you.

The first lunch place we go to is called La Chacrita de Nimez. This restaurant is located in front of the Laguna Nimez, (the Laguna Nimez is a beautiful reserved lagoon, later more information about this place in another blog) and serves delicious home made food. The atmosfeer inside the restaurant is really comfortable and homely. They have bigger and smaller tables but also have these really cozy sitting areas for enjoying a moment together. On a beautiful day you can sit on the terrace in the front, enjoying the beautiful view, or you can enjoy the green garden in the back. They serve pasta's, sandwiches and also have different cakes. You have to try the flan here, it is a typical Argentina dessert, delicious!

The address is; Costanera Kirchner N°410, Z9405 El Calafate. But you will find this place easily when you walk on the coast side.

For the next lunch place we leave the coast side and go to the downtown. On a side street you find Elba'r, the restaurant that is located in a beautiful and colorful authentic building. Not only the outside is unique, they managed to use the same thema inside. The restaurant has 2 levels, a good balcony and also some places outside on the street. Perfect place for eating a good lunch, but I also like to go there for reading a book and enjoying a tea. They have this really cute cupboard with different cookie jars, definitely my favorite detail of the place! They serve good portions of sandwiches, salads or waffles.

The address is; 9 de Julio 57, El Calafate. You will easily recognize this colorful building.

We stay in the downtown and go to La Lechuza, this place is already quite famous in El Calafate. And I understand why! They serve really good empanadas and pizzas, so definitely a restaurant you have to visit if you want to experience the typical Argentina kitchen. This restaurant is located on a cross road on a corner and sometimes there is a line of people waiting outside for a table, so maybe good to make a reservation if you want to be sure of a table.

The address is; Av. del Libertador 1301, Z9405 El Calafate. Located on the corner of a cross road.

Next is Quatre Cabres, also located in the downtown and a perfect place if you like to eat healthy food. The restaurant has 2 levels, downstairs they have tables and upstairs you can sit on a sofa (perfect for if you want to sit down more relaxt). I always have a hard time to make a decision on what to eat because everything is delicious! So I advice you to take the daily menu they offer with 3 different courses. They also serve picada, that is a typical Argentinian platter with different hams and cheeses. Order this with a good wine or cocktail and you will enjoy a good moment in life.

The address is; Av. del Libertador 1323, El Calafate. You can recognize this restaurant by the color scheme of Piet Mondriaan, the famous Dutch architect.

Last but definitely not least is Mako Bar. Located on a corner in the middle of the downtown and absolutely one of my favorite places. Not only for lunch but also for dinner. They have an extensive menu from sandwiches and empanadas too main dishes with fish or meat. You have to try the provoleta here, this is a super delicious Argentinian cheese melted in the oven or on the barbecue. Good to know is that they have Mako Bar and also Mako restaurant (beautiful place if you want to eat more fancy). Sometimes they have live music, perfect moment to enjoy your food or a drink!

Address; Av. del Libertador 1202, Z9405 El Calafate. Located on a corner in the middle of the downtown.

Please also check our Youtube video about my top 5 favorite lunch places in El Calafate!


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