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My top 5 favorite places for a drink & snack!

Are you in El Calafate, Patagonia and feel like going out for a drink and a snack? In this blog I share my top 5 favorite places to do so with you!

La Zorra Taproom

We start at La Zorra Taproom, this place is famous for a good reason. It is quit big and is located at the beginning of the city center and has a good terrace outside. When you enter the place you will notice immediately the big bar with all the different flavors of beers they serve. For food you can choose burgers or sandwiches from the menu and they also have good vegetarian options. They are open until 2am at night.

Fun fact: there is also a La Zorra Taproom in El Chaltén (more information about this magical place coming soon in another video).

The address is; Av. del Libertador 832, Z9405 Calafate.

La Trinchera, beautiful wine bar that recently moved to a side street of the city center. I discovered this place while passing through El Calafate and it immediately caught my eye. When you enter the place there is a wall full of different wines and the owner is happy to tell you all about it. There are only a few tables and the atmosphere is super casual. On the menu you will find dishes like empanadas and potatoes but also risotto and meat. P.s. they also serve beer.

The address is; Cmte. Tomás Espora 46, Z9405 El Calafate.

We go one street further where you will find the cocktail bar Speakeasy 29. This bar has been open for a few months, and is a huge asset to El Calafate. It is a beautifully decorated bar with a unique atmosphere. Think about good music, perfect prepared cocktails and delicious food. They have an extensive cocktail list, but you can also ask the bartender to prepare a surprise for you. We love going here for a night out.

The address is; 9 de Julio 29 local 2, Z9405 El Calafate.

Next up is La Fabrica. Also such an amazingly cool place where you can enjoy a good evening. You will find La Fabrica outside the city center if you go towards the lake. Nice location and good atmosphere. They serve good cocktails and a big variety of beers. In terms of food, they have pizzas and burgers and also vegetarian options. The desserts here are also highly recommended! We've been here quite a few times while there was live music playing.

The address is; Padre de Agostini 1370, Z9405 El Calafate.

The last but definitely not least is La Cantina. This bar used to be in another location in El Calafate but they moved to the coast a few months ago. And that was a good idea because now they have more space and a beautiful big terrace with a view over the Laguna Nimez. La Cantina is a nice place for a drink and the food they serve is fine. You will find a beautiful mix of the locals and tourists here.

The address is; Avenida Leandro N. Alem 163, Z9405 El Calafate.


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