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My top 5 favorite places for take away.

Where to take away food in El Calafate?

Traveling low budget? Or don't feel like going out for dinner? In this blog I share my top 5 favorite places for take away in El Calafate with you.

The first place we go to deserves its number one spot as a favorite. Because this is one of the first place I've discovered since staying here. It's a small shop called Chichi Limonada, located just outside the city center, and they have delicious homemade food. The empanadas are the best (in my opinion) in this city and you should try the tortilla too. If you want they can heat up the food. Besides the home made food they also have a good assortiment of fruits and vegetables. Not only the owner but also the people who work there are super friendly. I highly recommend you check this place out.

The address is; Av. del Libertador 290, El Calafate.

Almacén de pastas, as the name says, this is a pasta place. Also known as the house of pasta. It is possible to buy a pasta and prepare it yourself or you can ask them to prepare it for you. They have a good assortment of different pastas (also vegetarian options) and sauces. The shop is located in a side street from the city center.

The address is; Gdor. Gregores 980, El Calafate.

The next place is La Herradura, this is a traditional place where they have an amazing variety of cheese, hams, olives and everything you need for a "picada". A picada is a typical Argentine dish that is usually served as a starter, but sometimes as a main course. It is also possible to ask them to prepare a sandwich for you. Every product they sell is of high quality. You can complete your dish with a soft drink or wine. This store is located in the extension of the shopping street.

The address is; Av. del Libertador 1741, Z9405 El Calafate.

El Gaita, the best place to eat in or take away a pizza. They are located close to the city center and prepare amazing pizzas with a good crusty bodem and generously topped. It is always a good idea to eat a pizza from this place!

The address is; Gdor. Moyano N°1089, Z9405 El Calafate.

Last but not least, we go to a place with a complete different food culture. Because Elia Esber serves Arabic / Venezuelan food. Think about shawarma, falafel, salads, hummus and much more (also good vegetarian options). My favorites are; tequeños (cheese fingers). I also advice you to order a dessert here, you won't regret it! The owner is from Libanon and he just makes you feel at home inmideatily. A beautiful place to finish this top 5 favorite places for take away food in El calafate with you.

The address is; Cmte. Tomás Espora 139, El Calafate.

Also check out the Youtube video for my top 5 favorite places for take away food.


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