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My top 5 favorite restaurants in El Calafate.

Where to eat in el Calafate?

Since I've been here we've tried out a number of restaurants, and there are quite a few. El Calafate has a large offer of restaurants and bars. In this blog I will share my top 5 favorite restaurants with you.

El Cucharon

We start this top 5 with a restaurant called El Cucharon. This restaurant is located in front of the lake and because of the amazing location you have a beautiful view while enjoying your food and drink. The special thing about this restaurant is the formula of high-quality service and good products for an attractive price. Compared to other restaurants I personally think they are not expensive. We went to this restaurant a couple of times and enjoyed a good night out. Do you have something to celebrate? Then I advise you to contact them in advance to have a cake made. The dessert chef is a real pro!

The address of El Cucharon is; C. 2, El Calafate.

The next restaurant is Isabel Cocina al disco. Disco is a traditional way of preparing food, and I can tell you it is delicious! You can order a disco with meat but also with seafood or vegetables. This is definitely a must eat restaurant if you want to experience the Argentinian food culture. The owner invited us to have a look inside the kitchen, it was spectacular to see how much love they put into the food. The restaurant is super populair and almost always full so I recommend you to make a reservation on time. Located on a side street from the city centre.

The address of Isabel Concina al disco is; Perito Moreno 95, Z9405 El Calafate.

Pura Vida, delicious food, friendly people and the whole vibe is just amazing. So relaxt! Especially after a busy day this is the perfect place to go too. The food they serve is all home made and you have to think about gnocchi, lasagna, stews and salads. Good to know is that they also have vegan & vegetarian options. When you eat here you really see the people enjoy there time. In the summer they have a beautiful terrace and is located close to the city centre.

The address of Pura Vida is; Av. del Libertador 1876, Z9405 El Calafate.

Next up is El Gaita, the best pizza of El Calafate, maybe even from the whole Patagonia. Good crispy base, generously topped and baked in a real pizza oven. This is food that makes you spontaneously happy. We have eaten here a number of times and every time the quality is the same. Besides the delicious pizza, the restaurant also has a history. This is one of the oldest buildings here in El Calafate, and is located on only a couple of minutes walking distance from the downtown.

The address for El Gaita is; Gdor. Moyano N°1089, Z9405 El Calafate

Last but not least, Nina Grill & Beer. This restaurant is located in the middle of the downtown and you can't miss it. It is a quite big restaurant decorated with motorcycles. The food they serve is from good quality with a modern twist. Think about salads, pasta, tacos and steak or fish with fries. My favorite here is the salad with provoleta (a famous Argentinian cheese). This restaurant has a good wine assortiment but they also serve local beers and prepare delicious cocktails.

The address of Nina Grill & Beer is; Av. del Libertador 1222, El Calafate.

For more information also check out our Youtube video!


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