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My top favorite vegetarian barbecue recipes

Argentina is famous for barbecuing. Especially with a lot of meat. Only I don't eat meat, so here's my top 5 favorite vegetarian barbecue recipes.

Cauliflower steak & green asparagus

Cauliflower steak with a sauce of blue cheese.

An absolute favorite is this delicious recipe for cauliflower steak with a sauce of blue cheese.

Place the cauliflower with the florets on top on a cutting board. Then you look for the middle and from the heart you can cut out at least 2 nice steaks. Save the rest of the florets for another dish. Then I cook the steaks for a few minutes in a pan with water and some salt. They should absolutely not become too soft so just cook for a short while, about 5 minutes. Then let it cool and in the meantime you can make a dressing of olive oil with paprika powder and salt and pepper (or whatever you like) and put this on the steaks. So for the blue cheese sauce I use blue cheese with a little butter and walnuts that I break into pieces. When the barbecue is up to temperature, the steaks can go on, I always heat the sauce separately on the barbecue in a special pan. The cauliflower steak is ready when it has a nice golden brown color.

Green asparagus. This is an easy recipe; cut off the bottom (the white part) of the asparagus and wash them well. Then boil for 2/3 minutes in salted water. Let cool, add a little olive oil, salt and pepper and grill on the barbecue. This is definitely a hit!


Provoleta, a delicous Argentina cheese.

Provoleta, this is one of the tastiest cheeses I've eaten in Argentina so far. You can also order this in almost all restaurants. And it's a fantastic cheese to grill because it does get soft but doesn't melt very quickly. I always put a little oregano and salt and pepper over the cheese and then with a pan on the barbecue. You can actually do this also with halloumi if you can't find provoleta. Halloumi is also an incredibly tasty cheese that you can grill very well!

Stuffed peppers with cheese and egg

Stuffed peppers with cheese and egg.

This is also a really great recipe that your guests will be amazed about when you prepare it. Cut the bell pepper in half and remove the seeds and rinse well. Place them with the open part for a minute on the barbecue to grill a little bit. Then in a separate bowl, mix mozzarella (or other cheese that you like) with egg, salt and pepper and oregano. Whisk it together and pour it into the peppers. I would place the bell pepper with the mixture in aluminum foil on the barbecue and grill it that way. Enjoy!

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes.

Are you a fan of potatoes? Then these hasselback potatoes are highly recommended for the barbecue. Clean the skin of the potatoes well and cut into very thin but fairly deep layers. Be careful not to cut them in half. The idea is that you can open them up a bit in this way and rub in olive oil (or melted butter) with salt, pepper and paprika (or whatever you like) and rub in well. Let the herbs absorb well. Place the potatoes in aluminum foil and in that way on the barbecue. A real party!


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