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One week in Buenos Aires, my favorites!

In this blog I share my favorites musea, areas and places for food that we discovered while visiting Buenos Aires.

Bartolome Mitre

Day 1

We stayed in the beautiful Palermo area where we booked an Airbnb. Around the corner of our place we found the Boulan bakery. The almond croissants there are a favorite. On the first day we walked to Plaza Holanda and the Rosedal garden which are located in the Palermo district. We rented a pedal boat in the park and spent an hour on the water. This activity is highly recommended because this was a lot of fun to do. Close by the park, next to the railroad you will find some restaurants. We had lunch at Möoi. In the evening we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Trattoria Olivetti. We had burrata, pasta and asparagus.

Baralo Palaco

Day 2

On the second day we decided to go to the Recolate area. In this neighborhood you will find the famous cemetery where national icons (like Eva Perón) are buried in extravagant graves. Close by we found a typical tourist shop selling dulce de leche. The next stop is the Barolo Palace, which is almost 37 minutes walking distance from the Recoleta area. The Barolo Palace is beautiful and has 22 levels and rises 100 meters symbolizing the 100 masterpiece songs composed of 22 verses each. We had lunch inside the palace restaurant at the La Panera Rosa, an amazing place!

Plaza de Mayo

Day 3

The third day we took a cab to the Plaza de Mayo and started off at the Buenos Aires Cabildo, the historical museum. After visiting the historical museum we went to the Plaza de Mayo itself, also known as the political center. You will find several important buildings here.

On the other side of the water you will find Puerto Madero, the renovated harbor area. We walked here for a little moment while there was a show with jet skis. On the way back to Palermo we passed the Cultural Center the Kirchner. Beautiful building and I recommend you to visit this place. For dinner we went to Nemuri Tera (in the Palermo area) where we ate delicious sushi and drank a beautiful white wine. We ended the day at Rey de Copas, we where both blown away by how cool this cocktails place is!

Del Agua y de La historia sanitaria.

Day 4

For our fourth day we started with breakfast at Havanna. And then we went to San Telmo (on a Sunday). This place was high on our list and we really enjoyed all the market stalls (only there on Sundays), antique shops and watching the local people. We also enjoyed a tango show here and walked into the famous market hall. It was super warm and crowded inside so we decided to eat lunch at another place. On the way back to our Airbnb we had lunch at Pertutti near the Plaza de Mayo. Good food and generous portions! During our walk we saw a number of famous buildings such as the Confiteria del Molino and the museum Del Agua y de La historia sanitaria.

Day 5

The fifth day we made it a relaxing day. We went to eat an Eclair at Cocu which was really delicious. Walked the dog in the park. And in the evening we ate a surprisingly tasty pizza at a place on the street.

Cultural Center the Kirchner.

Day 6

On the sixth and last full day we had we took the train to San Isidro. An incredibly beautiful neighborhood where we spent a beautiful afternoon at Peru beach. In the night we went to Spritzza for dinner, we really enjoyed this place. Good food and cocktails!

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