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Sushi all around the world!

Since I'm a huge fan of sushi, I like to try out different restaurants while traveling. In this blog I'm going to share my top favorite sushi restaurants around the world. Enjoy!

We start with, in my opinion, the best sushi restaurant in the Netherlands, A-fusion! They have really high quality food, spectacular flavors, the restaurants are well designed and have good acoustics. The staff that works there is great and they really make sure you have a night out. They have several locations throughout the Netherlands. In the winter my favorite location is the restaurant in Naarden, but for the summer the terrace in Loosdrecht is a place where you want to spend the whole day and night. They also have a restaurant in Amsterdam right in the city center. Definitely worth a visit, highly recommended!

A-fusion in The Netherlands

Brazil, famous for carnival, coffee, football and the cultural monument (the Jesus statue). We visited Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be exact, during the pandemic. So I have to be honest we didn't explore much because there wasn't so much possible. But most of the restaurant was open, so we tried out a lot of them. We searched for sushi online and discovered this magical place called Shiso hidden in one the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen; Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro! We sat down at a kind of bar with a view into the kitchen, everything was freshly prepared for us. We drank delicious wine and tried the sake. We ordered different kinds of dishes and with every bite we were in heaven for a moment. It's not a cheap restaurant, but definitely worth a visit. Fun fact, the chef is from Argentina!

Shiso Grand Hyatt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On to the next location, with a more tropical atmosphere, Bugaloe beach bar in Aruba. It's not an official sushi restaurant, it's more of a cocktail place located on the water. But they serve absolutely delicious sushi! Also the whole vibe of the place is really good. They play good music, serve good cocktails and the view is amazing. I could eat there every day!

Bugaloe beach bar, Aruba

Last but not least, located at the end of the world, you will find Asia Gourmet. By the end of the world I literally mean the end of the world; Ushuaia in Argentina. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, near Antarctica. I will share more information about this amazing place in another blog, because it is quite unique to have a view of the ocean and meanwhile you will see mountains with snow that you can ski on. And it's also really cool to tell that you've been to the southernmost city in the world. Because of the ocean, the fish is really fresh, so if you are a fish lover, this is the place to be.

So back to the sushi, we ordered different kind of flavors, and they all had a unique taste. They work really well with sweet and sour combinations and really try to make art out of the dishes. The owner is a super nice lady, she is an amazing host. I advice you to reserve on time cause the place is not to big and a lot of people love to eat there. We fully understand why!

Asia Gourmet, Ushuaia Argentina


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