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What is Patagonia famous for?

Let's start with where is Patagonia? It is an area in South America divided over mostly Argentina (about 3 quarters) and 1 quarter in Chile. This is the place where the clothing brand Patagonia is inspired on. But what is Patagonia itself famous for? You will find out in this blog.

The incredibly beautiful landscapes and diverse nature is really something that Patagonia is known for. It has mountains, glaciers, steppe landscapes, bright blue lakes and fjords. Patagonia is a huge natural explosion and I dare to say that it is one of the most beautiful and raw places in the world.

Also the big variety of different animals, such as guanacos, the Patagonian fox, pumas, sea lions and penguins give Patagonia its own identity.

The Patagonian lamb, the star of the South, is a typical culinair dish in this region. You will find this dish in almost every barbecue restaurant. This animal is not only famous for its meat but also for their wool.

The sheep are herded by an estancia, these are pieces of private land that is a huge part of the image of Patagonia. An estancia can be found in the middle of nowhere, sometimes hours away from the villages and they have kilometers of private land where they keep the sheep and other animals. It is fascinating to see how the people live here, so remote and isolated from everything. Estancias are often managed by the gauchos, better described as people who work with animals, often recognizable by their unique clothing.

Also the weather is a famous topic for this area, did you already hear about the Patagonian wind? It hardly rains, that is why there is a lot of steppe, but the wind does make it hard for a lot of people to live here. It can also be super cold in this area because of the Andes mountains. Are you thinking about traveling to this area? Then I advice you to go from November up to March, this is the summer period.

The Patagonian beer should also be mentioned on this list. You probably already heard of this delicious famous beer brewed in Patagonia and a must try when you visit!

The most populair places in Patagonia are the glacier the Perito Moreno, the famous mount Fitz Roy in El Chaltén, Ushuaia (the most southern part of the world) and Torres del Paine in Chile.

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