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What products is El Calafate famous for?

What I love about traveling is discovering new places, trying new foods and getting to know different cultures. That also includes discovering the local products. In this blog I share my top 3 favorite local products from El Calafate with you.

We start this top 3 with the famous Calafate berry. This plant grows here in El Calafate and from the fruits they prepare the most delicious products. Think about Calafate Dulce, liquor, tea, alfajores, chocolates and even soap. The fruit has a unique taste and they say, once you tried the Calafate dulce, you will return to this city.

The next favorite local product is the crafter beer from Poincenot. This beer is famous here and delicious. They have several flavors and you can taste the love and the effort they put in crafting this beer. You can try this product in most of the bars or even buy it in the smaller local shops. Before you leave El Calafate you had to try it!

We end this top 3 with chocolate, because home made chocolate is a specialty here in El Calafate. There are more chocolate shops than supermarkets. The favorites are the big bars of chocolate that come in a huge variety. Trust me you want to try them all!

Do you prefer to watch this information? Then check out my Youtube video (click photo below) about the top 3 local products of El Calafate. Please like and subscribe so we can continue doing what we love!


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